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Saturday, April 27, 2013

most inspirational yoga video of the year

I often like to equate myself to a mouse. A six-foot mouse. I am tall, I am quiet, I scurry behind the scenes and I scare easily. Naturally, as such, yoga does not come easily to me. Balancing all 6' of my curves on top of my head is very challenging, and getting my legs to bend behind me is a bit uncomfortable. Unhinging my hips, to boot, makes yoga more of a personal journey than one of graceful poses. 

I do it anyway.

Mainly because I love it and I love how it feels. But then also because I see videos like this one, below, and I am overwhelmed with warmth and love. The beauty in this video is inspiring. I'd like to believe that all of us have the goal to be this beautiful one day. And I'd really like to believe that one day I, too, will achieve it.

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