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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

RECIPE: chocolate mousse cups

I've died and gone to heaven. Seriously. I feel like my life is complete because I've had just a bite of this delicious little treat. It hits on every single note that one would hope for when they are having serious chocolate needs. As a young woman about to enter married life and all that comes with it, I feel like my chocolate needs will arise from time to time ..

... to time to all the time ..

I've seen little chocolate mousse cups all of Instagram and they just looked so yummy but were also pretty high in fat. I'm not against fat, but as a raw foodie it's easy to accidentally consume an unlimited amount that quickly becomes unhealthy. So finally, fed up with my unmet desire I decided to make my own chocolate mousse cup that used minimal fat per serving, while still providing the same benefits as a good, healthy fat.

The neat thing about these cups is that they have a nice boost of nutrients and use no refined sugar of any kind. The most processed product in these is the cacao powder, which depending on the quality you are able to get good still do fabulous things for you (I've gone so far, before, as getting raw cacao beans and grinding them to a powder .. so that is also an option for you).

Chocolate Crust:
a recipe
1 cup medjool dates, soaked
1 cup walnuts, soaked
2 T cacao powder
1/4 t vanilla
sprinkle sea salt

Grind the walnuts in a food processor, blender or mini chopper** until a crumbly mixture forms. Place in a large bowl. Process the dates with a couple tablespoons of the soak water until a paste forms and add to the bowl. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well until a dough is formed. I used my hands to mix.

Press down into a pie dish and/or mini cupcake tin until evenly distributed.

Chocolate Mousse:
a recipe
1 cup medjool dates, soaked
2 T cacao powder
2-4 T water, as needed
1/4 t vanilla

Place the ingredients in a food processor, blender or mini chopper**  and process until a paste forms. Spread over the top of your crust.

**disclosure: if you purchase anything I link to you via Amazon I make a small percentage out of it at no cost to you! So cool for me, so cool for you!

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