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Thursday, February 13, 2014

ROUND-UP: romantic, sexy, gorgeous valentine's day recipes

Nothing says "excuse" like a perfectly made up holiday such as Valentine's Day. What other day do we excuse our decisions, indiscretions, excesses with the flick of a hand other than one like Valentine's Day. Well, I love these kinds of holidays for that exact reason. I rarely (if ever) celebrate them the way they are meant to be celebrated but instead I take that opportunity to think up the sexiest foods I can.

Sexy food? Yup. 

So what is 'sexy'? Chocolate. Raspberries. Sauces. Creamy. Easy. Lick-off-your-body type foods. I've added two new recipes to my sexy repertoire this year and looked up the rest just so we can revel in the abundance of it all. Isn't plant food great like that? We get to celebrate the abundance, not feel utterly guilty!

From left to right, the top and then the bottom:

easy chocolate pudding This pudding is DI.VINE. One of my favorite indulgences because it's delicious and so, so easy.

vanilla avocado pudding If I'm not in the mood for chocolate (which is hardly ever) but I want something sweet and groan-worthy, this is the pudding I go to. It's quick, easy, delicious, and deceptively healthy.

sweet cherry tart I've been all about the 801010 lifestyle, which is centered on low fat meals, and so naturally I'm all about the sweet cherry tart. It's delicious and amazingly simple. So good, I can't even describe it. You have to try it for yourself.

cacao and strawberry pie Chocolate and berries goes together so well that I think they were separated at birth. This is a sweet and light dessert that leaves you feeling good (and still sexy!) rather than full and.. um.. rounded. Perfect for Vday.

cacao and raspberry magic cake This is my latest dessert creation and I'm obsessed. It's so good, full of so many different layers in each bite, and is the perfect combination of sweet, creamy, and salty.

chocolate valentine's hearts with pink frosting These little guys are perfect for groups or for bite-sized treats. They are cute on display and easy to gobble up.

chocolate mousse cups This amazing dessert is really just the perfect combination of everything that is good in this world. Easily one of my top 5 desserts... and I make and eat a lot of desserts.

valentine's day cheesecake This is one of my very first raw desserts so the picture doesn't do it justice. But it's so cute and such a classic it just has to make this list.

Take a look-see and let me know you're favorite!



  1. Dang girl looks like you've been busy baking! These all look delicious AND sexy ;)

    1. aw thanks! Yes my house is overflowing with desserts right now haha I need to pace myself!!

  2. Oh man I need to pick a few of these out to make for my fiance tomorrow! :)

    1. Oh I hope you had a chance to make something! And I REALLY hope you enjoyed :)

  3. Oh my goodness! These might be desserts for Valentine’s Day but they will keep me going all year. A couple for every month. It’s so refreshing to have some more health conscious treats to have around. Great round up .

    1. Thank you! And I agree, these aren't exclusive to Valentine's Day. in fact, I make at least one thing from this list once a month... you know, when I want to feel sexy AND loved at the same time :)


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