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about me

My name is Marquis. I'm a 20-something young professional making my way up in this world. I'm mostly silly, extremely ambitious, and a Scorpio, which means I'm incredibly passionate about everything.

Pretending to be glam, 2013

I am in love with the raw food movement but I'm the first to say that I do not eat 100% raw all the time. Some days I do but most days it's about 80%. Some days, still, it's even less. And I believe that's okay!!

Visiting the botanical gardens with my beautiful grandma, 2011

Messin' around with my parents at a costume shop, 2011

In the Sierra Nevadas in California, 2011

I never meant to be a raw foodie, it just sort of happened. I discovered this lifestyle and immediately fell in love--even became obsessed--and just went into it, full throttle. That's the Scorpio side of me, I guess. The reason I stuck with it is because I started to feel significantly better. I had so much more energy and clarity. I lost a significant amount of weight. My hair and nails became strong and full. My chronic migraines disappeared completely. My sensitive skin is no longer sensitive. My allergies disappeared. I even became nicer and happier.

For awhile I was so enthusiastic about raw foods that I did end up eating raw 100% of the time. I didn't enjoy it that much though. I currently live in Miami (a relatively non-raw-friendly city) and it gets pretty tiring trying to explain why I don't want to go to certain restaurants or eat with friends just because "it's not raw". This lifestyle is supposed to open doors, not close them!
In our backyard in California, 2012

Hiking Camelback Mountain near Phoenix, AZ, 2012

I love being outdoors more than anything. The longer I go without getting outdoors the more my mood drops. Fresh air is like my own personal antidepressant! I love hiking the most because it's challenging enough to distract you but peaceful enough to relax. I'm a California girl and so I'm fortunate enough to have grown up around mountains, ocean, city, and country. I had it all and I loved it all.

I'm strong. I'm independent. I have a heart the size of Texas and an even bigger brain. I'm also sensitive and shy. I have the most incredible friends and family that have been supportive throughout this transition. While it weirds some people out they are mostly curious and excited for me. 

My girl and I at brunch in Manhattan Beach, 2012

My brother and I at Christmas 2012 (for reference, I'm near 6' ..)

I grew up on a farm where we raised (okay, my dad raised) our own cows, sheep, pigs and chickens. We had fresh, pure meat and eggs all the time. We also had a nice vegetable garden where we could get fresh veggies, squash, artichokes, herbs ... anything, anytime! My brother recently planted an orchard on the property. So you can say I grew up with a lot of meat and a lot of fresh home-grown foods.

It's pretty bizarre to my family that I've made this transition but after living in Los Angeles for a few years it seems like an inevitable move!

Biking the keys in Florida, 2012

Skiing China Peak in California, 2012

Soaking up some Miami sunshine, 2013

Playing on the beach in Miami, 2014

Backpacking in Puerto Rico #selfie, 2014

Miami, 2014

I currently live on the beach in Miami. This site is my hobby, my passion, and I'm happy to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it! And of course please leave comments, I love comments!



  1. Hi. Could you please indicate non raw ingredients when you use them and suggest alternatives.

    1. Hi Jefah!

      What a great idea! I regularly swap "raw" agave for maple syrup and I recently wrote a post as to why, but I think that you are right in that I should indicate that it is not raw in my recipes. I will do so in the future and I'll also go back through my recipes and update them. Please let me know if I miss any! :)

      Thanks for the help!


  2. It is awesome that you are so passionate about your interests- I look up to that a lot!
    I found your blog fairly recently but I already love it. You have so many beautiful recipes.
    I look forward to future posts (:

    1. Hi Quincy,

      Thank you! You are so sweet.. I'm so glad you love rrk, I hope you love all the new goodies I post, too! let me know anytime! ... xo

  3. Hi Marquis, I'm a California native living in Portland, OR. Your "backyard" photo looks a lot like my home town in Tuolumne County - did you live near there? Thank you for sharing your thoughts and recipes - I'm really enjoying reading and learning. :-)


    1. Hi Katie! Yes I know of Tuolumne!! What a small world! I am just north of there, outside Clovis and right below Prather. California has quite the scenery, a truly magical place :)

      I've always wanted to visit Portland and I bet the scenery and nature there is outta this world. I'm so glad you found me!! Thanks for following, let me know what you think when you read my posts :)

  4. Hi!

    We wanted to let you know that we nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here:

    It takes a little time and effort to complete this award, so no pressure! We enjoy what you do, and I think my followers will too! Keep up the great work and feel free to send us some of your amazing desserts ;) haha but really, you should open a raw vegan bakery!


    Health and Us

    1. Oh my goodness, what an honor!! Thank you so much :) I will definitely be checking this out this weekend, thank you!!

      And boy do I wish I could mail my desserts all over .. maybe that should be my next step on this blog?!

  5. Curious.... Does Glaser Organic Farms mean anything to you? Just curious because I LOVE their mamey raw fruit pie and YOU HAVE THE RECIPE!!!! =D =D =D and you live in I'm thinking it's more than just a mere coincidence! Anyway, I'm a Miami native and I thoroughly appreciate your recipes! I went vegan (90% of the time) a couple years ago and I love raw foods. The problem though is that most vegan and raw dishes featured in cookbooks are made for the "American" palate....OR with a huge Eastern influence....and I had been feeling very along when tackling cooking to accommodate my tropical and culturally diverse Miami palate. So I thoroughly appreciate your recipes that feature tropical fruits and flavors. Excited to continue going through your site!

    1. Yes I love Glaser farms! I was inspired by their mamey pie and so I decided to make my own :) I don't know their recipe but I'm certain it has the same components since I modeled it after their pies. And I'm so happy that you love the tropical influence! I love it as well and I'm blessed to have such access to tropical fruits here in Miami. I think many others have a very "American" palate because there aren't many tropical fruits elsewhere in the Northern hemisphere. It's always fun to play with new flavors and try to recreate dishes that have inspired me :)

  6. Hi Just found you. You have some good recipes I just went Raw and been doing some research. That's when I came across you. Keep the recipes coming

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