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are you 100% raw?

Nope. I consider myself 80%-100% raw and some say that's "raw" and some say that's "high raw". I say I eat a plant based diet but that's about it. I cringe at titles and mostly subscribe to "raw" because that's how I view my food choices: not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing,finishing, refining, or manufacture. Whether this means completely raw / uncooked or completely unprocessed and mostly uncooked is the same to me.

What am I? I'm human and humans are designed to eat things brought from this earth. When it comes to food, the easier it is for you to collect on your own the more of it you should eat!

are you vegan?

Not really. I like to use that term because it quickly communicates my food choices if someone asks but I still don't consider myself "vegan". It's true, I mostly stay away from animal products--especially anything that comes from a factory farm--and stick with fruits and vegetables. I do consume raw, unpasteurized goat's milk whenever there are fresh bottles at the local farmer's market. I also consume eggs (cooked) from free range, organic, and happy chickens. 

I really do believe that the conditions an animal is in is an important aspect in the overall energy and nutrition of a food! Am I crazy to think that? Maybe, but I grew up on a farm where we ate our own meat and eggs and there is a huge difference in quality, nutrition, and taste compared to factory farmed animals. HUGE.

why did you go raw?

I didn't really intend to, I just loved this whole world that was opened up to me. I began playing with recipes and blogs and had so much fun learning about the lifestyle. I continued getting further and further into the lifestyle because I suddenly had so much more energy, less fatigue, was happier, and lost a significant amount of weight. How could I not love this lifestyle??

I used to get chronic migraines--2-3 a week--as well as hives all over my body, severe fatigue, digestive issues, as well as sluggish female health ... all of this disappeared within months and has yet to return! I had a medicine cabinet full of anything and everything and popped Imitrex like it was a daily multivitamin. Now I rarely use medicine and rarely get any of my previous symptoms. 

Do you take vitamins and supplements?

I do, but I'm not a stickler about it. I play with them a bit and take B12 only when I haven't had animal products in awhile. I take Evening Primrose Oil to help with cramping during my menstrual cycle and then I play with others to see how I feel. I do use chlorella and/or spirulina when I have it. I love the taste and all the perks. But I also feel like we should really concentrate on eating our vitamins and minerals and if I'm driven to a point that I need a multivitamin then I'm doing something wrong with my diet.

where do you get your (calcium/protein/B12/etc)?

I have a few posts on here about this.. This is much too big of a topic for me to answer sufficiently here. But to quickly feed your curiosity: greens have more bioavailable calcium than you think (about as much as a cup of milk per serving); greens also have protein, along with nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains and I'm rarely lacking in any of these. As for B12, well, by now you've read that I do eat animal products (probably at least once a month?) and if I don't then I'll take a high quality B12 supplement. Our bodies are incredibly adept at storing B12 and so, as a former meat-eater, I have lots on reserve. The longer you go without animal products the more you need to watch your intake.

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  1. If you are a former meat eater, I'm curious as to what animal products you still consume and how yo feel after having them


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