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What I Ate Wednesday

may 1, 2013


fresh face tonic
oil cleanser for acne
anti-inflammatory masque
eminence organics
cinnamon and honey masque
calcium bentonite clay masque
oil as a skincare product
whole body care
vitamin C face mask

self care


hip opening sequence
most inspirational yoga video of the year
major detox
hardcore core strength
move that money maker
mr. tinman
fabulous flat abs

daily life

juice challenge
visiting family and friends
raw on the town
at the in-laws
Lifefood Gourmet: Miami
Christopher's Kitchen: South Florida
Euphoria Loves Rawvolution: Santa Monica
so grateful: my computer crashed
money: eat more fruits and veggies
recipe roundup: what I'm loving lately
recipe roundup: thanksgiving dishes
recipe roundup: travel for the holidays
recipe roundup: january 24, 2014

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  1. I love your What I ate on Wednesday section. Please, keep on posting. :) It is great to be reminded and shown that it can be done! Thanks for all your work and inpiration.

    1. Hi Dusanka! Thank you so much for this, this may be the motivation I need in order to start it up again! I'm sorry it's on pause, my schedule these past few months has been so crazy that I actually haven't been able to take pictures of anything .. hopefully soon!

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